NIT WarangalSo, once again its another morning in the never ending hectic lifestyle of NIT Warangal. It seems to me though that with semester coming to an end the number of extra classes in all departments have increased. Pretty expected at Institute of National Importance.

Okay, so now its another day in the life of an NIT Warangal student. And you (yeah the reader) might be wondering what is all this stuff doing in a Blog that calls itself FOSS dedicated, then just just hold on l I’m getting pretty much near to the topic.

First things first, starting with the OS itself.  There seems to be a phenomenon in the campus that persuades people to not just use Windows but LOVE it. Wait, that’s not just it. Further more, students seem to thinking “inside the box” when it comes to “developing” software. The impact is so deep rooted into the people around that even the prominent teachers of the Computer Science and Engineering Department was quoted saying that the programming skills taught here and the knowledge given are only job oriented. So much to say for a college one of whose students made this year into the prestigious Standford University, that too much ironically in Computer Science Department.

Now, with so much done and said. It seems though as if, the so called “Institute of National Importance, NIT Warangal” seems to be producing only dummies for multinational companies to play on.

Anyways, need to end my post now. I happen to have a lot of non-innovative assignments to do. Meanwhile, just out of connection to the topic I’m posting a relevant song.