A few days back, on the occasion of Firefox 4 release I shared a link to download Firefox. Like any other stuff which I share, it too received a lot of attention and drew a small browser war. There were posts supporting Firefox, Opera, Chrome and even Internet Explorer (yuck!!).

So, coming back to the topic, one of the posts mentioned that Chrome is a very good alternative to Firefox, as it was based on Chromium (an Open Source Browser) and was a bit faster than Firefox.

This fact however didn’t get hold of me. To begin with, Chrome and Chromium are two very different products with different philosophies behind each one of them. Secondly, quite a few of Google Products like Chrome and Android are either Open Source on based on a Open Source software.

So, does this make Google the Biggest Open Source Company?

The answer is clearly NO.

Although Google does contribute a lot to the FOSS community through contributions to the Linux trunk or though programs like the Google Summer of Code, Google itself is NOT a FOSS giant. Furthermore, as of now Google has declined to publically release the source code of Honeycomb, its latest Android version. This act of Google, whose unofficial motto is “Don’t be Evil” seems to contradict its actions.